Exclusive Interview W/Mazzaratie Monica


Best known for her voluptuous plumped assets, Mazzaratie Monica have surely mades a name for herself over the years as a gorgeous but sensational bbw porn star who’s is beloved by many fans for all of her solo and hardcore scenes that’s have gains her wide popularity. Not only that, she have collaborated with today’s most populars adult studios from PlumperPass […]

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Exclusive Interview With Divine Breasts


Over the years, Divine Breasts have gone through a dramatic change to further expand or boost it wide popularity from being a standard porn studio with a happy balance between solo and hardcore contents to something much more. With many of today’s major adult studios focusing more on hardcore contents, Divine Breasts have stepped away from that genre and heavily focusing more […]

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Updates From Yesboobs & Anastasia Lux


I am sure by now that’s many of you have heard that Yesboobs.com is starting to move into boy/girl territory since they have recently release their first blowjob scene with porn star, Melody Lynn in it earlier this month which thrilled many fans who are always looking to see something new. Now this was unexpected but at the same time it […]

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Welcome Busty Sarah & Sabrina Meloni


Now those who are following me on twitter may have heard thats I’ll be having an exclusive interview with the owner of DivineBreasts.com on Saturday which I’m sure that many of you as boob fans might like and find it enjoyable reading over the weekends. While in the meantime, I’m going to be featuring a couples of models who’s have appeared […]

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MiaBigTits Hardcore & Snapchat Takeover

For those who haven’t heard, the lovely MiaBigTits is now officially doing boy/girl videos which I’m sure that it would pleases and thrills many fans that most eagerly looking to sees something new or different from her for a change. She have already uploaded a couple of hardcore videos this week and is possibly expecting to upload more throughout on her […]

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Video Interview With Athena Superior


In a recent article, I introduced to you the gorgeous  Athena Superior (aka Athena Exotica) who is a gorgeous ebony porn star that’s best known for her voluptuous plumped assets which she uses to gains popularity from fans. Looking to make a name for herself, she continues to further expand her popularity with more original contents from softcore and fetish videos […]

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A Short Video Interview Exclusive


Last month in a recent article, I introduce to you the lovely Velvet Gold and Mademoiselle Ohlala whos are two bbw camgirls that best known for their voluptuous plumped assets which they uses to gain wide popularity by fans. These two have joined forces to bring you the ultimate camgirl experience that would most surely spice up anyone night if you as […]

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Entroducing Alexa Steele & Tabbyvond


Known for her so voluptuous plumped assets, Alexa Steele is somewhat of a newcomer in the world of webcam as she aims to have a little fun by chatting fans and offering them privates one on one sessions which is whats gains her popularity for. Not only that’s, she also seems opened up in building a fan base on social media […]

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Christina Live & Meet Plus Size Vixen


I am sure by now thats many of you are aware that’s Christy Live like to re-brand herself on twitter from time to time which is may not be nothing new since models sometime do re-brand themselves to appeal to a wider fan base. Christy Live (or Christina Live) continues to do her usual routines as a bbw camgirl by offering private one on […]

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Meet The Lovely Jenni69 And Kinky Q


Best known’s for her voluptuous plumped assets, Jenni69 is a gorgeous bbw camgirl who is looking for attentions and to have fun chatting with many fans before her on webcam which is naturally whats gains her popularity for. Not only that’s, she looking to further expand on it and go beyond her webcam shows by start producing her own original contents […]

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