Ginger Spice And Desiree Nicole Update


I am sure by now thats many of you have heard that the lovely Ginger Spice (aka Julie Ginger) had made her official BBWHighway Debut last month where she finally got her pussy pounded in by a lucky pro stud on camera which surely pleased and thrilled many fans. Finally establishing herself as a bbw porn star, she of course […]

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More Juicy Supreme & Milfie Way Intro


Now I am sure that many of you on twitter has heard that I just added the official website of the very so lovely Juicy Supreme (or Mz Juicy Supreme) to my Best Porn Sites Page where bbw fans can get their money worth for a monthly membership access to her originals hardcore contents. Now for those who red have […]

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Lady Cakes And Desiree Nicole Update


For those who haven’t yet heard, the lovely Lady Cakes has just shot with this month which I’m sure would pleased and thrilled many fans who looking to sees something new from her like some official hardcore action. With an exclusive interview still in the works, I really didn’t expect to see this coming or to happen but it […]

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Ms Yummy And Rachel Raxxx Update


I’m sure by now that many of you have heard that the lovely Ms Yummy is preparing to launch her upcoming official website soon where fans can finally get their money worth for a monthly membership access to all of her originals contents. Not only that’s, she has also collaborated with in producing upcoming new exclusive softcore and hardcore […]

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Livy Larue Update And Desiree Nicole


I am sure by now thats many of you have heard on twitter that the lovely Livy Larue will be going full-on hardcore throughout this new year to finally please fans who wanted to see something new from her for a change. A lot has happened inside the porn industry and outside of it last year but generally, everyone always […]

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Entroducing Alexa Steele & Tabbyvond


Known for her so voluptuous plumped assets, Alexa Steele is somewhat of a newcomer in the world of webcam as she aims to have a little fun by chatting fans and offering them privates one on one sessions which is whats gains her popularity for.┬áNot only that’s, she also seems opened up in building a fan base on social media […]

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