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Would you like to send me something more then fansign photos? You like to send me a video for a particular article or as part of an interview for boob and bbw fans to see, this page will feature exclusive videos from models who I have interviewed for farther promotion. Models can send me a video of any short length from 15 to 20 seconds or a minute long which I can upload to this page for fans and newcomers alike to view after featuring it in other post sections. If you are a feature model or new to Sexcraftboobs and want to send me a video of any kind such as boobs bouncing and booty twerking for farther promotion, feel free to ask me since I help promote models from busty to bbw alike.

Note: Do not expect to see any full length videos on this page, please support your favorite busty and bbw porn stars and camgirls by #PayForYourPorn if you are definitely a true fan of these lovely gorgeous but voluptuous models.

You can send me your video at jangelonash@gmail.com.

Or contact me on twitter, @Jaura450 for more details.


Jordynn Luxxx

Bursting on the scene a couple of months ago, Jordynn Luxxx is a gorgeous bbw newcomer who looking to go mainstream in her modeling career and make a name for herself in the porn industry this year by getting fuck in front of the camera.



Best known for her beautiful huge tits, Queenxxx has gain wide popularity for her webcam and skype shows over the years which definitely made her a sensational busty russian camgirl with a fun personality to many boob fans around the world.


Celeste The Red

Best known for her plump curved assets, Celeste The Red is a bbw camgirl who is definitely looking to make a name for herself by doing more then just webcam and skype shows to gain wide popularity from many fans.


Vixen Gamer

Are you game? That is exactly what this gorgeous bbw camgirl is all about as she aims to show many fans what she is capable of on webcam by offering private one on one sessions to getting everyone full attention in a mere instant with her voluptuous assets.


Norma Stitz

Widely regarded as the world bustiest porn star, the lovely Norma Stitz has most definitely made a name for herself over many years in the adult industry as she has been well-respected by many bbw fans who not only adores her but those massive huge tits of hers.


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