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For those who are new to the concept of promoting other people stuff and do not know where to begin in learning how to make money like myself and other successful bloggers as an online affiliate. There are marketing sites that support the best porn sites within the adult industry and I would like to share them with you. That being said, if you are a fellow blogger or even a gorgeous busty or bbw model who looking to make some extra money by promoting other people stuff, then I highly recommend you check out this list of the best affiliate sites that has greatly help me as a blogger to become successful in making money online.


Note: I will only be mentioning the affiliate sites that has help me so far in making money online. This page will continue to be updated with more recommended affiliate sites.


Advice: For any of you who are currently on twitter, I highly recommend you pin up a tweet with a link to your list of best porn sites at the top of your account. Be sure that you are using an affiliate linking code to the sites you are promoting. Also, be sure to pick the right or best time to retweet your pinned tweets to get attention or traffic going on for you. This concept has help me greatly to receive income as an affiliate and I am hoping it will help you too. This concept can also helpful for any busty or bbw newcomer who is struggling and trying to sell her original contents. Powered by Nats, this affiliate program has help Score Studio over the years in becoming the powerhouse of big boobs that fans comes to know and love today. This is my highest recommendation for any blogger or model who looking to make some extra cash.

Note: In order to use this affiliate program and others that powered by Nats to make money, you must have a W9 Form which is require! Now for those who are big fans of the awesome Rodney Moore, then I highly recommend you siginup on his affiliate program if you really love to promote his work and support his website to have some money in your hands. This is an unique affiliate program that support several fetish sites, including a few that owned by individual busty models like the lovely Sabina Leigh who I am currently supporting and have successful received income from. I highly recommend you check out this affiliate site if you’re a blogger who looking to support a few busty porn stars and their popular websites.

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