Giggles 4U Update & Join Rodney Moore


I am sure by now that many of you have heard that the lovely Giggles 4U (or Amaya May) has lost her main twitter account and was forced to makes a brand new one as she aims to rebuilds her growing fan base of followers. Not only thats, she also been having a rough time with financial issues which makes it […]

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Video Interview With Cherry Bardot


Last year in a previous article, I talked about the lovely Cherry Bardot who had finally made her official hardcore debut on which pleased and thrilled many fans that’s really wanted to sees something new from her. Not only that, she had also collaborated with the awesome Diamond Lou and Rodney Moore (for both of theirs websites) which pleased […]

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Jazmin Torres & Holidays Recommendation


I’m sure by now thats many of you may have notice that the lovely Jazmin Torres haven’t been seen on or other porn sites lately but is still active as she now aims to gain further popularity by becoming more self-employed. Best knowns for hers voluptuous plumped assets, Jazmin Torres now only does webcam shows and has started producing […]

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Jessica Lust & Bunny De La Cruz Intro


Best knowns for her voluptuous plumped assets, the lovely Jessica Lust is a bbw porn star who has been getting a lots of attention as of late, she has now drawn or caught my attention especially through her work with some knowns porn studios. Gaining popularity through her collaborations with such known adult studios like the awesome Rodney Moore website, and ChristianXXX website, […]

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New Amaya May & Jaylene Rio Update

Amaya May

I’m sure by now that many of you have heard about or seen Giggles 4U ( or Amaya May) official debut last month on which surely pleased and thrilled many fans who’ always looking to sees something new. Not only that, Amay May wasted no time in making her hardcore debut last week which pleased and thrilled many fans […]

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Latest New Update On Sashaa Juggs


Now it been awhile since I did an updated article on our favorite plumeper goddess, Sashaa Juggs who has done a lot this past year as a bbw porn star with voluptuous curved assets that still continues to get all the attention from many fans. As the seasons changes, we all hoping to see more hardcore action or something new from […]

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New Updates On Kimmie Kaboom

A lot has happen in the pass month or so, most specifically with Kimmie Kaboom who have done so much as a bbw porn star to gain wider popularity from many fans by shooting more exclusive contents for her official website. Not only that, she also continues to work with other porn studios to further expand her popularity to become more […]

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Exclusive Interview With Erin Green

Since of her official debut on Rodney Moore website back in 2007 the bbw porn star known only as Erin Green has become an instant sensational within a short amount of time for she was now a fan favorite. Working with other notable porn companies like JeffsModels and PlumperPass, she quickly gain popularity from bbw fans by getting fuck on camera […]

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Kitty McPherson Returns For More Porn

As of last year, I did not get the chance to write about the bbw newcomer, Kitty McPherson who first debut at Score where she had done a few softcore and hardcore scenes on there which are definitely worth watching. Not only that, she then started working with PlumperPass where she had only done at least two hardcore scenes on […]

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