Exclusive Interview W/Kerry Stephens


Last week in a previous article, I talked abouts the lovely Kerry Stephens who is a bbw pinup glamour that is best known for her voluptuous plumped assets which she uses to her advantage in gaining wide popularity by manys fans. Introduced to Sexcraftboobs.com by Girl Cat Photography a fews months ago, this plus-size model is looking to makes a […]

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Roxanne Miller Comeback & Ann Calis


I am sure by now that many of you have heard that the lovely Roxanne Miller has finally resurfaced back on twitter and getting back into the groove of doing webcam shows again as well as producing new original solo (and possibly some girl on girl) contents on her official website. Not only that’s, she is still currently pursuing her […]

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Sara Star Update & Photo-Shoot Project


Now it has been a whiles since I last talked about the lovely Sara Star who been having a new sense of enlightenment throughout this year especially after attending to a few live adult events and finally getting her own official website to helps furthers expands her popularity. For those who haven’t heard, my good friend and fellow blogger, Raven […]

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Exclusive Interview With Anna Austin


A few months ago in a recent article, I talked about the lovely Anna Austin who’s a plus-size model that known for her voluptuous plumped assets which she uses to gains popularity by fans thats of course are always looking to sees something new for a change. Considered to be more of a bbw glamour, she was introduced to fans […]

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Jade Belle And Shanell BlackDiamond


Best known for hers voluptuous plumped assets, the lovely Jade Belle is an amateur bbw porn star who fans may already knows from her recent collaboration with male adult star and talent producer, Olee Poundachik a few months ago. While also being seen as a ssbbw porn star, I still do see her as a bbw amateur who enjoys chatting with […]

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Exclusive Interview W/Osquared Images


Known for his artistic skills in photography, the man behind Osquared Images is a photographer who have collaborated with some of the most gorgeous looking models from average and busty to bbw alike which have gained him popularity for. I am sure by now that many of you are familiar with his work such as his collaboration with bbw models like the lovely Kristi […]

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Exclusive Interview With James Phelps


Known for his artistic skills in photography, James Phelps is a photographer who has collaborated with some of the most gorgeous models over the years from the average and busty to bbw alikes which have gained him popularity. Now I am sure that many of you have heard of him before especially for his work with such gorgeous models like Rene […]

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Roxanne Miller Boobs Series & Pregnancy


Many of you may know by now thats Roxanne Miller has a Clips4Sale Page where she has started a video series in which focus’es on Breast Expansions as her beautiful huge tits continues to grow and bust out of her clothes as well as tight bras. Now for many busty camgirls and porn stars, breast expansions are just a common fetish in […]

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More Maddy Sweetie & Anna Edelrid Site


For those who haven’t yet heard, Maddy Sweetie has just officially made a “Manyvids Profile” this week for exclusive contents that she is now currently producing which would satisfy many fans who always looking to see something new from her. Not only that, the lovely Maddy Sweetie is also considering on doing snapchat to expand her popularity since it becoming a common […]

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Exclusive Interview With IAmTDiamond


As a self-employed photographer, the man known as IAmTDiamond works within his own area where local models collaborate with him in doing photo-shoots to gain popularity and build up his own personal brand that would draw more local models who interested in collaborating with him. Only known in certain circles, IAmTDiamond considers himself a sucker for DIY (Do It Yourself) that […]

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