Katie Black Update & More Star Sisters


I’m sure by now that many of you on twitter have heard that the lovely Katie Black has now finally setup an official Manyvids Profile where fans can now gets their money worth to see original softcore contents or somethings new. Likes with Sweetheart Mia in the previous article, Katie Black herself continues to further expand her growing popularity by producing […]

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The Star Sisters & Joana Bliss Update


I’m sure by now that some of you’ve heard thats the lovely Erin Star and Helen Star (the Star Sisters) are now officially on twitter where fans like myself can finally have the chance to learn a lot more about these two very gorgeous romanian busty porn stars. Since theirs debut several months ago, they have become one of many […]

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Helen Star And Kitty Cute Introduction


Now earlier this month in a previous article, I talked about’s the so lovely Erin Star who is a gorgeous busty camgirl from Romania that finally made her official ScoreLand Debut last month for her first softcore scene which thrilled many fans. That being said, I am sure by now that many of you have heard that she also has […]

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Lila Payne Update & Erin Star Intro


Now its been a while since I last talked about the lovely Lila Payne who has been pretty much active in her job as a big boobs escort in her home country of Australia whiles also being a busty dominatrix to those who she escort with. I am sure by now that many of you have heard that she had lost […]

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