The Star Sisters & Joana Bliss Update


I’m sure by now that some of you’ve heard thats the lovely Erin Star and Helen Star (the Star Sisters) are now officially on twitter where fans like myself can finally have the chance to learn a lot more about these two very gorgeous romanian busty porn stars. Since theirs debut several months ago, they have become one of many […]

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Roxanne Miller & Sweetheart Mia Update


I’m sure by now thats many of you are aware that Roxanne Miller has been MIA on twitter as of late but she does continues to gives us updates through her latest collaborations and of course pleases us with new exclusive contents. As many of you may know by now that’s she have return to a few weeks ago for her […]

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Sweetheart Mia Blog & New Joanna Bliss


I am sure by now that’s many of you have enjoyed Sweetheart Mia time on and of course on as fans continues to watch all of her softcore videos and look at all of her photo-sets which are all worth checking out. Now you are wondering whats this gorgeous and sensational porn star is going to do next afters […]

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Joanna Bliss Returns To DDFBusty

As many of you know by now that the romanian goddess known as Joanna Bliss has finally returns to DDFBusty once again with a brand new softcore scene which definitely thrill many boob fans. However, it is uncertain if she still working with XX-Cel who have big plans for her, according to BoobsRealm since she has been the most sensational busty […]

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Welcome To Sexcraftboobs

This is my official blog site where everything is dedicated to big boobs and bbw alike in the porn industry. Here is where you will find updates and info on all of your favorite porn stars camgirls from what they are doing right now to what videos they are shooting for, everything. From professionals to newcomers, you will learn everything […]

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