Sarah Rae & Liza Biggs Gets More Boobcore

I am sure by now that you all have seen Sarah Rae and Liza Biggs brand new softcore scene this week at Score which thrill definitely boob fans, including myself since the two of them are absolutely amazing with their natural huge tits. The week has been fill with many surprises and to see these two in softcore or boobcore action makes things that more exciting especialy for their fans who are looking to see something new on the weekends.

In her latest scene the sensational busty porn star, Liza Biggs is feeling all horny for her boob fans once again as she exposes those huge beautiful juggs of hers while stripping out of that gorgeous yellow dress for your entertainment. While over on xlgirls the popular bbw porn star, Sarah Rae surprises her boob fans once again with more titty-tricks, including her infamous and extraordinary titty-sucking abilities which is just amazing to watch.

These two gorgeous porn stars will definitely give you as a boob fan a reason to watch their new softcore scenes for the weekends and that is because they are absolutely amazing in it with their natural huge tits. If you are a boobcore fan of Liza Biggs then I encourage you to go check out my exclusive interview with her and follow her on twitter if you want to learn more about this sensational busty porn star.

And if you are a true boobcore fan of Sarah Rae then I encourage you to go check out her official website, Yesboobs! which is definitely fun to visit for anyone who is looking to see more busty porn stars.


Here are a few photos from Sarah and Liza latest softcore scenes to leave you all satisfy at the end of today articles.

Sarah Rae A4


And be assure that an exclusive interview with Sarah Rae is still in the works at this time.

Sarah Rae A13


Boobcore fans will definitely expect to see more of Liza Biggs throughout this years.

Liza Biggs A8

Liza Biggs A13

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