Mia Monae Introduction


I am sure by now that’s many of you have’s enjoyed reading my interview with Mia Monae last month to learn more about this ebony bbw newcomer who is known for her voluptuous plumped assets which she uses to advantage to gains popularity by fans. After making her impressive and official debut last month on BBWHighway.com, she has now established herself as a full-on porn star by simply getting fuck on camera for the very first time which really gains her popularity by fans who of course are always looking to sees a fresh new face in hardcore action. As I mentioned before, this is only just the beginning for the lovely Mia Monae who is not only looking to gets fuck once more but also really looking to make a name for herself.

So that’s being said, bbw fans are definitely looking forward to more hardcore action from her as well as collaboration with others porn studios or with male talents which would certainly further expand her wide popularity as more then just a newcomer. With big boobs and one fine round huge ass, Mia Monae uses these voluptuous plumped assets once more to her advantage to gets everyone attention from bbw fans to horny pervs alike in a mere instant when it so comes to making a big impression on those before her. There no telling whats future that lies before her or whats she herself has in stores for bbw fans who are eagerly waiting and hoping to sees the next hardcore scene from hers or the next porn studio she might collaborate with.

To my knowledge, she indeeds continues to shows potential as a newcomer who likes many established porn star is looking to become the next new sensation by simply giving bbw fans whats they really want to see from her which is definitely more hardcore action. Like as before you can follow this so gorgeous bbw newcomer on twitter, @Miamonaegp to gets the latest updates if you are stills just now becoming a big fan of hers or justs a fan beautiful new plumpers, in the meantime check out these pics if you are not convinced my words.


And for those who haven’t red it yet, be sure to check out my Exclusive Interview With Mia Monae to learn more about her if you are definitely a big fan of hers.



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