Jadis White Hardcore Debut & Jane Kush


I am sure by now that many of you have heard that Jadis White has finally made her amateur hardcore debut this week as pics were posted on twitter and some preview trailers were posted on pornhub which definitely please many fans. Even I myself was a bit surprise to notice all of this being posted which took me awhile to spread the word out about this to those who were currently new or unfamiliar with the lovely Jadis White and would love to see some hardcore action from her. Now if you are anyone who like me, you obviously did not see this coming which is what makes it more exciting and satisfying to see it happen at the same time.

And while a part of me was surprise by this news, it was no surprise to my knowledge that Jadis White got fucked by porn star, Olee Poundachik who a cool guy and knows how to run a small business in producing adult amateur videos which are definitely worth buying. So with that being said, he helped Jadis White to establish herself as a bbw porn star who fans hopes to see more hardcore action from her this year, either on an amateur or professional level which is what gains her popularity from. And I can not help to say this but Olee Poundachik is a cool guy since he has been in the porn industry over the years now and knows how to make good adult videos on an amateur level.

To my knowledge, Jadis White has already gain a cult following as a camgirl and she has now gained more popularity from fans as an established porn star with voluptuous plumped assets who is looking to prodcuce exclusive new contents this year. Like as before you can follow this gorgeous bbw camgirl/turn porn star on twitter, @MsJadisWhite to learn more about her and be sure to check out her Official Clips4Sale Page to get your money worth to see her hardcore debut if you are a big fan of her or just a fan of beautiful plumpers.


And for those who are still new or unfamiliar with the lovely Jadis White, be sure to check out my exclusive interview to learn more about her if you are definitely a big fan of hers.


In other bbw-related news, Jane Kush from PlumperPass has just resurface and is now appearing on the porn site, BootyDesire.com where she performs a handjob on some guy dick which thrill longtime fans who wanted to see her back in porn again. This was another news that caught me by surprise since I had discovered it last week on ChubbyParade and I was also very familiar with her on PlumperPass some years back since many bbw fans were familiar with her at that time. As a bbw porn star, Jane Kush is best known for her voluptuous plumped assets which is what got her into the adult industry to make a name for herself.

And like with Jadis White, it did took me awhile to spread the word out about this especially to those who are longtime fans of Jane Kush since they hope to see more softcore and hardcore action from her this year if she came back. So far, she have only appeared on BootyDesire and there is no doubt in my mind that she would eventually appear on ThePhatness.com for hardcore action at some point which would please many longtime fans who is looking to see something new from her. With beautiful huge tits and a round huge ass, Jane Kush certainly knows how to use those plumped assets of hers to get everyone attention.

To my knowledge, Jane Kush is a gorgeous bbw porn star with voluptuous plumped assets who is showing hidden potential to make a comeback to the porn industry for more softcore and hardcore action to please many longtime bbw fans before her. With that being said, bbw fans will surely be hoping to see her back on PlumperPass at some point of this year for serious hardcore action which would definitely mark her return to the adult industry as a renewed porn star.


For those who are new or unfamiliar with the lovely Jane Kush, check out these pics as well as all of her scenes on PlumperPass and her latest one on BootyDesire if you are just now becoming a big fan of hers.



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  • Anonymous

    THANK GOODNESS . Jane Kush is so perfect. She has the perfect body and fucks the in the pace where i love to fuck. All freakiness aside, she’s also gorgeous and to this day is still my #1 favorite adult film star. It’s just fun watching her scenes . She’s so perfectly shaped and so damn gorgeous.

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