Update On The Sexcraftboob Studio

Good news people! My amateur porn studio is almost complete as I just placed the order this week for the essential equipment I need to get myself establish and start booking plans for video/trade shoots with a lot of ladies. However, I may not be able to start booking shoots right away due to a few or couple of issues at this time such as money and transportation but that will be address in this article since I am already making plans the to get studio going.

Also, I will still be taking donation at this time since I am joining up with @CumFundMe to get the studio going and start booking shoots to produce my own exclusive video contents for you as a fan or customer to buy. Once after doing the first few shoots with some models, I will open up my very own clip4sale store where everyone can get their money worth in buying all of my exclusive videos contents on there to watch.

If you are already a big fan of my work or someone who is new to my site and want to support this project then please contact me on twitter, @Jaura450 or at jangelonash@yahoo.com for more details. And for any busty or bbw model out there who is interested in booking a shoot with me for my porn studio, do not be afraid to contact me if you definitely want to meet me in person especially for a live interview before shooting.


Once having all the essential equipment I need, the Sexcraftboob Studio will finally be establish and ready to start making fresh new porn.



Details On The Sexcraftboob Studio

When shooting exclusive video contents – I will be doing both softcore and hardcore video/trade shoots with models from busty to bbw alike for fans and customers to get their money worth in buying these videos to start gaining the studio popularity. I will also be doing these shoots at either a hotel or a motel in the City of Florence until I find a much suitable place to shoot without the concerns of wasting any money to rent a room where I can conduct these activities.

For busty and bbw models – When doing a video/trade shoot, we would need to arrange a meeting at a specific place for an on-screen interview and then discuss the propose of the shoot before getting started with filming fresh new porn. Any model who wants to shoot the video at her place, feel free to ask me which makes it easier to not waste any of our money to rent a room at either a hotel or a motel to conduct these activities.

For boob and bbw fans – I will be doing custom videos which will cost $100 or $125 at your request to see whatever it is that you desire from softcore to hardcore action produced by me and me alone as an independent porn studio. Show your support for work by making donation at either my PayPal account or my soon to be CumFundme account to keep the Sexcraftboob Studio alive and going strong if you are a big fan of my work.

Show your support for the Sexcraftboob Studio to see gorgeous models from busty or bbw alike and even some fan favorites if you want to see fresh new porn.



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