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Now for any busty or bbw fan out there who is African American and love to watch some or a lot of black ghetto porn, well then you are definitely in for a chocolate treat as I have suddenly made a new discovery. In my first ever in-depth article, fans will learn about a very amateur porn site called which is so cheaply made but also have some fresh new unknown faces on there at this time. I would not have believe it that such a amateur-ish porn site existed and have a category of average women on there that are very busty or real fat looking, or sometime both which makes this website somewhat interesting enough to visit.

Since stumbling upon this site, I have not yet found any familiar face on there so far which is mostly due to the fact that many of today busty and bbw porn stars especially the professional ones have no interest in it. The site was made so cheaply you can tell that the webmaster is somewhat of a newbie in web designing and almost decided to use actual pics of porn stars or camgirls for the homepage which can definitely be seen on there. Although, I do feel that the design or layout of the site will change and become more up to date at some given point especially in order to make it look interesting enough to attract more visitors on there.

Another thing that come to mind is the category section where models are divided up from thick and busty to bbw and ssbbw to keep everything in order once the site starts attracting some visitors. As mentioned before, this site is amateur but also new or somewhat independent and already has a huge library of models that are fresh and new which make it interesting to visit for any busty or bbw fans at this time. While most of these new model are average looking but there are some that looks gorgeous enough to get anyone attention upon first sight which maybe the best part of HipHopTitties to attract visitors because of that.


With no official HD photos of any kind at this time, here is a youtube video preview on what HipHopTitties is all about and be sure subscribe to their channel if you are definitely starting to become a fan of this amateur porn site.


Now if you are liking everything that I am saying about HipHopTitties and want to become a member of this amateur porn site then I encourage you as a fan to go signup since the price is not that high. You can also subscribe to each model profile despite the lack of design but you can buy and download their videos especially the latest new ones if you are a big fan of that busty or bbw model on there. Those that are running this site is currently recruiting more fresh new unknown faces to shoot hardcore scenes with them to farther expand HipHopTitties popularity in order to attract more visitors who are looking to see something new.

With the site currently being a work in progress, it is uncertain to my knowledge on when there be an update for any upcoming new models since there is no newsletter to subscribe at this time to get all the info on the latest. To my knowledge, HipHopTitties is one of many amateur porn sites that are definitely trying to make a name for themselves with a major breakthrough in the adult industry to gain mass popularity from fans. In my recent article, I have discussed my interest in focusing more on amateur porn and promoting new models, including camgirls who is trying to get their names out there to attract many fans to their webcam shows.

A few days later, HipHopTitties have contacted me after I have mentioned their name along with one of their pics in that article as they gave me the offer to promote their brand to gain some attention from fans. With the site already being established, all it need is somewhat of an amateur blogger like me to promote this new porn studio to finally receive wide popularity exposure from fans to become more well known in the adult industry. You can follow this porn site on twitter, @hiphoptitties to learn more about it and the new models on there if you are a big fan of it or just now starting to become a fan in this black ghetto porno company.

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