New Georgina Gee & More Sweetheart Mia


I am sure by now that’s many of you have heard that the lovely Georgina Gee is currently collaborating with where she has just shot her debut scene with them which pleased and thrilled so many fans who looking to see something new from her. Now I do have to say that I was a bit oblivious to hear […]

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New Roxanne Miller And Lantti Irres


Now I know that many of you are sad or upset that the lovely Roxanne Miller is now officially a mother while other fans like myself are happy about it since this also now makes her a romanian milf who no doubtingly is feelings more hornier then before. Not only that’s, she also continues to be inactive on twitter which […]

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Jazmin Torres & Holidays Recommendation


I’m sure by now thats many of you may have notice that the lovely Jazmin Torres haven’t been seen on or other porn sites lately but is still active as she now aims to gain further popularity by becoming more self-employed. Best knowns for hers voluptuous plumped assets, Jazmin Torres now only does webcam shows and has started producing […]

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Roxee Robinson Update & Happy Holidays


Since my video interview, I haven’t had a chance to talk about’s the lovely Roxee Robinson who simply continues to collaborate with Score Studio in producing more new exclusive softcore contents for them to pleases many fans. Not only that’s, she also continues to produces more new original contents for her official website to pleases fans who not only are […]

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Webhure Ina And Sweetheart Mia Update


Known for her voluptuous plumped assets, Webhure Ina is a bbw newcomer who from Germany and is looking to explore the sexuality of her own assets while expressing them on social media which is what gains her popularity for. Considered somewhat of a faceless model, her presence on twitter has caught the attention of fans likes myself who sees a […]

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May West And Crystal Kittenn Entro


Ever since her official ScoreLand Debut┬áback in May, I never had a chance to do or conducts an article on the very lovely May West buts now seems likes the right time to express my thoughts about this gorgeous busty newcomer. Best known for her voluptuous curved assets, she naturally likes many gorgeous busty newcomers is looking to explores the […]

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Sara Star Update & Photo-Shoot Project


Now it has been a whiles since I last talked about the lovely Sara Star who been having a new sense of enlightenment throughout this year especially after attending to a few live adult events and finally getting her own official website to helps furthers expands her popularity. For those who haven’t heard, my good friend and fellow blogger, Raven […]

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New Maja Magic & More Roxanne Miller


Just’s whens you thought I was done talking about the lovely Maja Magic who was not the subject of my previous article but only mentioned, I now get talk about her more in this new article since she has been the go to model for girl on girl huge boobs fetish action as of late. In my recent article, I […]

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Roxanne Miller & Billie Bombs Update


It has been way far too long since I last talked about the lovely Roxanne Miller who’s many of you may recalled thats she has completely MIA on twitter and still is as wells as working with Cel (of and to produce exclusive contents with him. I am sure by now that many of you on twitter have […]

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Contest Update & Natasha Sweet Debut


I am sure by now that many of you have heard that fellow bloggers, BewbieBlog and BoobsRealm are starting theirs annual contents this year whereas you, the fans can once again vote for your favorite and personal favorite busty model to win. Now I am still running my epic Sexcraftboobs Contest which has been split into two parts, the big […]

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