Sexcraftboobs Studio

As an amateur blogger, I do enjoy writing articles and conducting interview with porn stars but like many fans who wishes to be a part of the adult industry, including myself as I now planing to open up my very own studio to establish myself as male porn star. This ideal was inspired by those who own independent porn sites and produces homemade HD videos like NaughtyBoyxxxXX-Cel as I now want to do the same since this trend has seem become popular especially for many porn stars who also make their own videos.

If you enjoy my blog site or is a big fan of my work, I am planing a funding project to buy equipment for my independent studio in hopes to produce some homemade HD porn videos for me to share and sale to many boob fans. I am currently using PayPal at this time for donation to fund this studio project, anybody who is interested in donating some money both fans and porn stars alike you can DM me on twitter, @Jaura450 or email me at for info.


If you are a big fan of my work, please show support by donating some money for my Sexcraftboobs Studio and other boob projects.




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