New Update On Roxanne Miller

In my last article I talk about Roxanne Miller boob growth and new look which I am sure by now that some of you have notice, most particularly her hair color as many fans like myself love it since she looks so amazing with it. I also mentioned that she is now a bonerfied bbw due to her slight weight gain which you can see in some of her recent photosets as she is now definitely looking more bustier and voluptuous then before.

Now I know that you as a boob fan are hoping to see her return back to professional modeling this year since the last scene she has done was on AbbyWinters which most fans have not heard of. Fortunately, it is to my knowledge that I am gladly announce to you some good news which will definitely thrill many boob AND bbw fans to know that Roxanne Miller is now finally returning back to professional modeling this year.

She has just recently worked with a new studio in London this month and now it looks like that Score might be wanting her back to do more scenes which is definitely worth looking forward to if it happens. Not only that, she will be also working with BustyBrits and a few other porn companies for the next couple of months which are also definitely worth looking forward to for any fan who is eager to see something new from her like myself.

I will keep posted on the latest news and updates from Roxanne Miller but until now this is a great day to be a big fan of hers as I encourage you to go watch all of her softcore scenes to get yourself ready for the next couple of months.


Here is the first pic from Roxanne Miller recent photoshoot from a new studio in London, be sure to check out the official website for other pics like this one.

B9p_Jk_IUAAdID6.jpg large


And be sure to check out the latest article on her official website to learn about her experience in London this month.


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