My Collaboration With Bernard Z Grate


After my exclusive interview with the man known as Bernard Z. Grate who wanted me to collaborate with him by getting these amateurs and newcomers into the mainstream of the porn industry where they will gain wide popularity from fans that are looking to see something new. As a blogger in porn, it always my job to feature and promote new models from busty to bbw for fans who’re always looking to see something new if adult studios continues to shoot exclusive new contents with the same models. Having busty and bbw newcomers coming in everyday is what definitely keeps the community of the porn industry growing as well as pleasing many fans who continues to support this community.

Since there are a ton of beautiful women here in the US and all around the world to chose from especially the ones who are interested in breaking into the adult industry to explore their sexuality just for fun or to make a name for themselves as porn stars. And while collaborating with Bernard Z. Grate who is currently working or shooting exclusive new contents with bbw amateurs and newcomers alike, it now my job as a blogger in porn to promote these models to other adult studios that are interested in featuring them on their own websites. By promoting these new models, I will also be further expanding Sexcraftboobs popularity once more to thrill and please many bbw fans who enjoys reading my work.

With that being said, whatever bbw amateur or newcomer that Bernard Z. Grate is currently working with at this time, then I will promote that model here on Sexcraftboobs and not just for porn studios but for you as a fan who looking to see something new. Not only that, I will also be keeping in contact with Bernard Z. Grate to conduct interviews or video interviews with any of the amateurs and newcomers that he is currently working or shooting exclusive new contents with at this time.



Expanding on this article, check out the lovely Marcey Diamond who is certainly best known for her voluptuous plumped assets.


Do not confuse by the name especially for those who are thinking about porn star, Marcy Diamond right about now and still hoping for me, Sexcraftboobs to conduct an exclusive interview with her which is still currently in the works at this time. But apart from that, this gorgeous bbw amateur or newcomer is currently working with Bernard Z. Grate to produce exclusive new contents for his official site from softcore to handjobs videos which are certainly worth buying for any fan that looking to see something new or different. With voluptuous plumped assets, she definitely has the potential to make a big impression on bbw fans but she does has the potential to go mainstream?

And like the more well-known Marcy Diamond, she possesses a nice round ass and with the addition of being an amateur or newcomer which definitely makes up for beautiful round huge ass that she would no doubtingly use to her full advantage. Not only that, she uses her other plumped assets to get everyone full attention from fans to horny pervs alike in a mere instant when it comes to making a big impression on those who looking to see something new or just get turn on. With the right plumped assets and the right moves, she most certainly knows how to make a very big impression on bbw fans at the right time.

To my knowledge, Marcey Diamond is a gorgeous looking bbw amateur with natural but voluptuous plumped assets that would definitely make any guy dick hard for her in a mere instant while fans on other hand hopes to see her break into the porn industry for mainstream popularity. You can check out this gorgeous bbw amateur or newcomer at Bernard official clips4sale page to get your money worth if you are just now starting to become a big fan of hers or just a fan of beautiful plumpers, in the meantime here are more pics of her to leave you at the end of today’s article.


And be assure that I will try to get in contact with Bernard Z. Grate to conduct an interview or video interview with the lovely Marcey Diamond as well as with the other bbw amateurs and newcomers that he is currently collaborating with at this time.


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