More Vine Tweets From The Kabooms

As I continues to keep you up to date on the news of Kimmie Kaboom official website, she and her beloved husband, Darrell have posted more vine tweets as previews for her or their upcoming site. I would like to take this time for today article to share these vine tweets to you, including two hardcore tease clips that Darrell have recently posted for you to enjoy while he and his wife continues to promote the official launch of their site.

Like most men who are married to busty or bbw porn stars, Darrell is very likable by many fans and does not mind for all of the good comments been made about his beloved wife since to him, it was a way of life in the adult industry. He is always very supportive of his wife and love to engage in conversation with bbw fans on any of Kimmie recently or latest scenes as well as upcoming projects like their long awaited official website.

If you are a big bbw fan of his wife then I encourage you to go follow the Kabooms on twitter, @TheKimmieKaboom and @MrDarrellKaboom to learn more about them and join in on the conversation with them which is fun. I will keep you up to date with more news on their official upcoming website but for now I encourage you to enjoy watching all of Kimmie latest scenes and these vine tweets that her beloved husband have posted up, including the two hardcore tease clips.


Also as a special bonus, I will conducting an upcoming exclusive interview with the luckiest man ever, Mr. Darrell Kaboom who finally reveals all and tells us what his plans are with his beautiful beloved wife.

Here are the two hardcore teaser clips from Darrell who is fucking his horny wife to definitely leave you all satisfy at the end of this article.

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