Make Your January Go KABOOM!!!

I hope that you all enjoyed those vine tweets from the Kabooms in my last article but as of now there are more announcements that need to be made which will thrill many bbw fans who are still looking forward to Kimmie official upcoming website. All this month long and possibly throughout February, there will more articles on the Kabooms to keep you all up to date on everything starting with Kimmie official clips4sale page which she had just recently launched.

I also mentioned in my last article that there will be an exclusive interview with her husband, Darrell who will reveal all and tells us what he and his wife plans are in porn industry as many bbw fans are eagerly wanting to know the answers. Not only that, I have also plan to conduct a second exclusive interview with Kimmie who will reveal more and give us an update on both her official website and her career status as bbw porn star.

With her popularity continues to grow, she is becoming more sensational with every softcore and hardcore scene she make to please her bbw fans who always show their support for her by getting their money worth to see some new contents. If you have not yet check out her official clips4sale page then I encourage you to go buy all of her clips which are definitely worth watching for any bbw fan and show support by making your January go KABOOM in honor of her upcoming website.


To conclude today article I treat you all with more photos of Kimmie Kaboom that will leave a strong sense of satisfaction in all of us as we look forward to the official launch of her upcoming website.

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