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For those who so have not yet heard, Kaleena Skye (or Squeaky Gamer) have so done her first hardcore video earlier this week which surely thrilled so many fans on twitter and hopes to see more from her soon since this was very unexpected. Now it been a whiles since I last talked about Kaleena Skye who been busy building up hers fan base and making nothing mores then original softcore contents to further expand her popularity as a camgirl that looking to makes a name for herself. That being said, she has certainly surprised us this week by getting’ fucked on camera for the very first time which thrilled many fans.

And while this is so good news, she is currently deciding on making more or producing more softcore contents and hopes to do a girl on girl video sometime down’ the road while fans on twitter eagerly hopes to see her in mores hardcore action. With so beautiful huge tits and a nice round huge ass, Kaleena Skye continues to uses these voluptuous plumped assets to hers advantage to gets everyone attention from bbw fans to horny pervs alike in a mere instant when it come to making a big impression on those before her. There is no doubts in my mind thats her hardcore video most definitely made every guy dick really hard after seeing her getting fuck on camera for the very first time.

To my knowledge, this was definitely unexpected and I am sures that’s Kaleena Skye enjoyed her first fuck on camera which further expands her popularity as a bbw camgirl who shows potential in producing any kind of original content to please fans. Like’s as before you can follows her on twitter, @squeakygamer93 to gets the latest updates from her and be sure to also’ check out her Clips4Sale Page and Manyvids Profile for all of her original contents if you are a big fans of hers.


For those who aren’t on twitter, check out this video tweet and pics that will definitely leave you satisfy at the end of the day if you are not convinced by my words.


Furthers expanding this article, you may so know by now that’s BBWCON is only a few months away and the so upcoming Biggie Awards haves already finalized the nomination results on who would so’ potentially wins to becomes the best of this year. For those who’ have not heard, Sexcraftboobs.com has been nominated for Best Media Outlet Of The Year which kind of so surprised me since I definitely have zero expectation of being nominated but as of now I am somewhat honor to take part in a live bbw event. So that’s being said, there is good news and bad news for Sexcraftboobs starting by encouraging visitors and bbw fans to go vote for me.

Now onto the bad news, I am unable to attend to BBWCON and the Biggie Awards dues to lack of money and transportation since thats something I been dealing with when comes to planning an ambitious trip across the US for a live adult event. Because of these issues, I’m planning to starts’ a new fundraising campaign by using PayPal again and GofundMe for donations as well as the possibility of so finding a bbw escort in my area that would be interested in attending to a live event. Bearing the thought of me having a voluptuous plumper as an escort would be awesome since I wonder if there is any in the South Carolina area that would be interested.

Nonetheless, there is a good chance that Sexcraftboobs won’t be attending to BBWCON due’s to a few typical issues and plus, I am currently investing money to keeps this blog site up since mastering the ways of being an affiliate is no easy task. With enough said, if you are truly a big fan of my works and would so definitely love to sees actual contents then I encourage you to show support by signing up on the porn sites thats I am promote which allows me to receives income as an affiliate. I will keep you posted on when I starts the new fundraising campaign but in the meantime I encourage you to go checks out the Best Porn Sites Page if you are looking to see something new.


Again, I definitely encourage anyone to go check out TheBiggieAwards.com to vote for Sexcraftboobs as Best Media Outlet Of The Year if you are definitely a big fan of my work.


On a side note: The gorgeous bbw newcomer, Monica Love will be finally making her hardcore debut later on today at XLGirls.com which would definitely pleases and thrill many fans who looking to sees something new from her. I had originally planned to do an interview with her a couples of months back but unfortunately she respectfully decline the offer which I accepted her decision since she is definitely a newbie whos shows great potential in becoming a sensational bbw porn star.


Be sure to check out Monica Love on XLGirls.com later on today for her hardcore debut if you are looking to see something new from her.


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