Expanding The Sexcraftboob Brand

As mentioned in my article about fake promoters, I have come to realize that there are some crazy ass people on social media especially the ones who are always on twitter and so obsessed of following porn stars which cause serious issues between them. Since after my recent campaign against fake promoters, I realize that it was not going to be easy featuring new busty and bbw models on my official blog site which is still currently on an amateur level at this point. Therefore, in order for me to keep promoting I am going be farther expanding the Sexcraftboob brand that will involve more then just featuring new models and conducting interviews with them.

For those who are following me on twitter, I have made several announcements about my future and devotion to blogging as I aim to start my own MissSexcraftboob Contest where grand prizes will be on the line. I will also be collaborating with one or two major porn studios on twitter who will be giving out grand prizes to both the fan and model that wins the contest which will also boosts the blog site popularity. Plus, I be expanding the Sexcraftboob brand with actual fan banners and custom-made t-shirts for models to have as proof of my official blog site being legit on a professional level that will definitely set itself apart from both amateur bloggers and fake promoters alike.

Not only that, I am also planning to have my very own official white label cam site as part of the expansion and as farther proof to the legitimacy of the Sexcraftboob brand that I hope it will attract new models who are interested in becoming camgirls. And apart from that, I will also do more campaigns against any serious issue that surfaces on social media and raise awareness to everyone about it that will gain Sexcraftboobs farther popularity of protecting the porn industry as a true blog site. Since of my establishment last year, I have enjoy some success as an amateur blogger in porn but as of now with things becoming more difficult especially with the serious issue about false promotions, I vow expand upon my brand to become a legit blogger.


If anyone wants to give me any ideals or suggestions to farther expand the Sexcraftboob brand, please contact me on twitter, @Jaura450 & @Sexcraftboobs2 or at jangelonash@yahoo.com if you are definitely a big fan of my work.




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