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With the popularity success of Sexcraftboobs continues to grow, I plans to further expand on it with a new feature which you as a fan of big boobs and bbw’s will most definitely enjoy if you love reading my interviews. For those who are new to my site, I have a page section for exclusive video contents where you can watch a few short teasers of busty and bbw models who I have interviewed which are definitely worth checking out.

To further expand Sexcraftboobs popularity, I be adding more short teasers of your favorite busty and bbw models from camgirls to porn stars that has been featured on my site as well as introducing newcomers. Each video teaser will be one minute long or less that features a model teasing you as a fan with her voluptuous curved assets from huge boobies bouncing to booty twerking which would definitely get everyone attention.

These teasers will only be feature in exclusive interviews and on the page section while they are excluded from articles but you and other fans will be able to watch them at anytime when visiting my site. And for any busty or bbw model who want to contribute a video teaser to Sexcraftboobs, feel free to contact me on twitter, @Jaura450 and @Sexcraftboobs2 or email me at jangelonash@yahoo.com if you are interested.


Like as before, do not expect to see any full length feature videos on this site! Please support your favorite busty and bbw porn stars and camgirls by #PayForYourPorn if you are definitely a true fan of these lovely voluptuous models.


Also, I will be conducting video interviews with busty and bbw models for the next couple of months to further expand Sexcraftboobs popularity if you as a fan enjoys reading all of my previous interviews this past year. I have already a few models accepting my request for an exclusive video interview at this time while I am also still conducting regular interviews with other busty and bbw models at the same time.

Once after the first few video interviews has been published, I be requesting to do more with other models, including those who I previously interviewed this past year as well as from late last year. Like the teasers I have mentioned, video interviews will only be feature in the category section as well as on the page section while they are excluded from all articles but you and other fans can watch them at anytime when visiting my site.

And for those who are reading this article, do not take an advantage of this by stealing these videos and posting them up on tube sites or I will definitely take them down if you are going to abuse them. Video contents will be an essential part to Sexcraftboobs popularity for the next couple of months since you as a fan enjoys looking at other contents on my site such as the fansign page section which is definitely worth checking out.


Video interviews and teasers will be one of the new contents coming to Sexcraftboobs at the end of this year that will help further expand it popularity. 




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