Exclusive Interview With Sunny Styles

In recent articles, I introduced to you the bbw newcomer known as Sunny Styles who worked along side with the legendary Norma Stitz a few months ago as she aims to farther expand her modeling career by making a name for herself. However as newcomer, she has not yet gotten a major breakthrough with her modeling career since many bbw fans are hoping for her to pro and work with some major porn studios where she would receive wide popularity.

With beautiful huge black tits and a nice round huge ass, she seems determined to put these voluptuous curved assets on display to get everyone attention from bbw fans to horny pervs alike in a mere instant. In this exclusive interview, the lovely Sunny Styles finally reveals all and tells us what her plans are in the porn industry as many bbw fans are eagerly wanting to know the answers hoping to see more softcore action or something new from her this year.

It is unclear to what the future holds for her at this point as she continues to make a name for herself in the adult industry by working with other bbw porn stars and producing her own contents that are definitely worth buying for any fanboy. Like as before you can follow this gorgeous bbw porn star on twitter, @SuniSquirtz to learn more about her if you are a big fan of hers or just a fan of beautiful ebony plumpers, but in the meantime here is my exclusive interview to leave you satisfy at the end of the day.


Since after her collaboration with Norma Stitz, many bbw fans are hoping to see more of the lovely Sunny Styles or something new from her this year.



Sexcraftboobs When and why did you first decide to model?

Sunny Styles I was always photogenic so as a young girl I wanted to be Foxy Brown or Jane Kennedy Cleopatra Jones 😉 Ooohh Angela Davis too… I like the lights! 🙂

Sexcraftboobs Have you ever watched porn before your modeling career? If you do it? How often?

Sunny Styles Yes, I watch porn before as a little girl, Vanessa Del Rio and Ebony Ayers, they are goddesses to me. Ron Jeremy is a Classic…they made me LOVE PORN…HOWEVER IS WASN’T UNTIL I CAUGHT MY SON WATCHING PINKY IN OUR PROJECTOR ROOM….SHE WAS 9ft tall an Rapping..she made me smile..I remember thinking porn has come a long way…At first, I was mad at my son.. but hey…I think good sex is both natural and healthy…I watch porn more now then ever and yes I used to watch with a boyfriend… While watching Prince Yahshua & masturbating with my Mr Marcus toy and a body massager was the first time I squirted by myself …well my boyfriend at the time was there an I thought I had pee on myself..but he was like you did it…I LOOKED AT MY BED LIKE OK NOW YOU CLEAN IT UP..LOL!

Sexcraftboobs Do you have a boyfriend or are you married?

Sunny Styles He was killed in 2005 and my boyfriend was killed in 2012 and I’m in an open relationship! 😉

Sexcraftboobs What do you do when you not modeling? How is a normal day in your life?

Sunny Styles I’m a mother so I do mommy stuff.. you know, football games on the weekends I spend a lot of time with my children.

Sexcraftboobs What is your bra size? When did your breasts start to grow? How was it back then?

Sunny Styles I’m a 100% natural 38M, my breasts were always big but they didn’t get this big until I had a lump removed in 11/2011 after nursing four children, you would think that they would’ve dried up..but nooo mine are extra heavy!

Sexcraftboobs Have you met many fans, both in public and on social network? How do they react? Any conversation so far?

Sunny Styles Yes, I meet fans all the TIME! 🙂 Since I started as a social media model of facebook with an infamous kiss my ass picture..lol.. it’s fun because I’m just a normal person who the people made a sex icon….but when I meet the other porn stars, we hang out and have a ball..Ms Deja and Kari, Platinum Puzzy, Anthony are my favorite social media porn stars that I have had the pleasure of meeting…there’s a few others like Juiceey Montana.. Trashly Treasures, Ashley Bell, she’s pretty and cool too! 🙂

Sexcraftboobs What are your short-term and long-term goals inside modeling and outside?

Sunny Styles My goal is to stay relevant and to become an household name internationally known and locally accepted by my peers and the industry.

Sexcraftboobs Have you ever gotten any proposal from any adult site?

Sunny Styles Yes, I had a proposal to work with ATL Bad Boys, Busty Ethnic Knockers, BustyBabyDoll, I have thought about submitting my portfolio as the girl next door or a milf who squirts with 38M, 29, 50inch A of ASS to the Scores Group and PlumperPass an a few others!

Sexcraftboobs Is there anything you would like to add for the fans reading this interview? Any final words?

Sunny Styles I’m just a normal lady who loves sex and getting paid to perform in front of a camera, this started as a rebellious joke telling my big brother to kiss my ass and now the world has pretty much seen my clips and pictures, I’m like a mom gone wild, lol, I think its all worth it..I’m a bbw who loves life and I’m living out my life as a Fetish FantasyGirl so my days are very busy! 🙂 😉


Like as before you can follow this gorgeous bbw porn star on twitter, @SuniSquirtz to learn more about her if you are definitely a big fan of hers.



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